Microsoft delays the Surface Hub and increases price by $2000

Microsoft Surface Hub

If you or your company are waiting in line to buy the Microsoft Surface Hub, you may need to rethink your options in the immediate term. A new report from ZDNet suggests that Microsoft has delayed it’s enterprise-focused device and raised the price by a staggering $2,000.

The huge Surface Hub was announced just under a year ago – an 86-inch all in one device for offices, which can run a selection of Microsoft apps and supports a stylus as an input device.

The original price was supposed to be $6,999 with a launch pegged for January 2016. ZDNet now reports the shipment date is a somewhat more vague Q1 2016, and the price has risen to $8,999.

Unfortunately, reasons for the supposed delay and price increase were not given. ZDNet claims that Microsoft has said the company is still finalising the manufacturing plan with a view towards delivering the best product experience.

However all existing orders will be fulfilled at the original price – the hike only applies to new orders.



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