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Nasdaq Trading Hours & Basics: How to Trade the Nasdaq 100

NEW YORK CITY - JAN 2: Times Square, New York street night life January 2, 2008, New York City. New York City, which is the largest and most populous city in the United States.

Anyone who is looking to find ways to use their money to make money has probably heard about the stock market. There are lots of different stock market exchanges to choose from. While the New York Stock Exchange is one of the most popular, another option is the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The NASDAQ is a global electronic marketplace where investors are able to buy and sell different types of securities. In 1971, the NASDAQ Market was created by the National Association of Securities Dealers. The purpose of the NASDAQ is to enable investors to trade Securities using a fast, transparent, and computerized system. Also referred to as the NASDAQ Composite, this is an index that contains more than 3,000 stocks that are listed on the exchange. Some of the biggest companies in the world, including some from Hong Kong, are traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. A few of the biggest examples include Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Oracle. For this reason, anyone who would like to learn more about this stock market and the exchange should keep a few key points in mind.

NASDAQ Trading Hours: An Overview of Regular and Extended Hours Trading

When it comes to trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange,  it is important to know the market hours of the exchange. Like most other stock exchanges in the local area, the NASDAQ is open for six and a half hours per day. Regular trading hours takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 4 pm. There are also extended hours available as well. The extended hours trading takes place before and after the hours listed above. Pre-market extended hours take place from 4 a.m. to 9:30 am even though most pre market trading takes place closer to 9:30. After market hours trading takes place from 4 p.m. to 8 pm. This is a great opportunity for traders to buy or sell that last stock during an extended hours trading opportunity. In this manner, the NASDAQ provides added stock trading flexibility using additional hours trading sessions.

Even though most people are only able to place orders during normal trading hours or regular hours, there are also ways  for people to get approved to execute stock trading outside of regular hours. Those who are interested in swapping stocks outside of regular trading should speak to a professional about lengthening their trading day. Next, it is important for everyone to learn the different stock market order types of taking place on the NASDAQ.

The Types of Stock Market Orders Placed on the NASDAQ Composite

In general, when it comes to the NASDAQ exchange, there are two major types of orders that all traders and investors should keep in mind. They are referred to as a market order and a limit order.

Market Order

The most common type of order is the market order. In the eyes of most people, a market order is the most basic type of trade that could be executed. This is an order to either buy or sell a stock immediately and at the current price. If someone takes a look at the ticker symbol of one of the companies on the NASDAQ and likes the price, then he or she could place a market order to buy it immediately. In general, when people place an order for a stock, they are going to purchase that stock at or near the posted asking price. On the other hand, if someone is getting ready to sell a stock, then he or she is going to receive a price at or near the bid that has recently been posted.

It is important to note that the most recently traded price is not necessarily the price at which the market order is going to be carried out. While it is fast, if the market is particularly volatile, then the price at which the order is filled, or executed, could deviate from the most recently seen price. Therefore, market orders do not necessarily guarantee a price, but they do make sure that the order is carried out as quickly as possible.

On the whole, market orders are popular among individual investors who are trying to buy or sell a stock without experiencing any delays. The good news is that the NASDAQ is traded electronically, ensuring that orders are carried out as quickly as possible, even on Friday. The biggest advantage of trading using a market order is that the trade is guaranteed to be filled quickly. Even though the investor might not know the exact price at which the stock is going to be purchased or jettisons, market orders that are likely to trade tens of thousands of shares per day are going to receive prices that are very close to the post a bid or ask.

Limit Order

The other big category of order that someone might place on a NASDAQ is referred to as a limit order. Also called a pending order, this allows investors to place orders that are carried out at specified prices in the future. This order is not going to be carried out until the price of the stock reaches a specified level. If the price is not reached, then a limit order could end up expiring.

There are four different types of them at orders that someone might like. These include:

  • Buy Limit: A buy limit order is placed to purchase a security at or below a specified price. This means that the order is placed below the current bid of that specific stock. If a stock falls to that price, the order is carried out.
  • Sell Limit: A sell limit order is placed to sell a certain stock at or above a specified price. In order for this trade to be carried out, the order has to be placed above the current posted price. 
  • Buy Stop: This is an order that is placed to purchase a certain stock above the currently posted price. This stop order is only going to be placed once a certain price has been reached, also known as the stop level. 
  • Sell Stop: A sell stop order is an order to sell a stock at a price that is below the current price of the stock. This order is only going to become active once the specified stop level has been attained.

This is a brief overview of the various orders that someone might be able to place on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. It is important to think about these orders carefully when deciding when to carry them out.

The NASDAQ Stock Exchange as an Investment Vehicle

Overall, the NASDAQ is a large stock exchange that has thousands of investment opportunities for investors. It is a good idea for investors to become familiar with the stocks that are traded on this stock exchange, as it is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Those who are able to plan their Investments carefully have the opportunity to generate significant returns using the stock market.


Where to Begin with End of Life Planning


You have likely lost a loved one at some point in your life. If not, you will eventually and are fortunate that you have not had to deal with that pain yet. If you have, you know how devastating it is. 

When the loss is someone in your immediate family, it may be your responsibility to make all of your loved one’s arrangements. If they did not have an end-of-life plan, you have to try your best to determine how they would want everything handled. This can be especially difficult while grief is flooding your mind. You second guess every choice because you just want your loved one to be honored appropriately, and you may also have to deal with other family members second-guessing every choice you make.

Once you start the process, you may realize you never thought about all the questions that will need to be answered. For example, do you know how you want the body to be handled? There are now several options when it comes to the burial process. You have to decide on a coffin if you are performing a traditional burial, or there is the option of natural burial in some states and cremation.

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg, and this is why end-of-life planning is so important. When you have an end-of-life plan, you can be confident that everything will be handled the way you want once you pass away. An end-of-life plan also takes a lot of pressure off of your loved ones in their time of grief.

End of Life Planning

When you are ready to start working on your end-of-life plan, you will likely question where you should start. Several companies offer these services. Some companies even offer the services virtually. Some have programs that will walk you through the whole project step by step.

There are so many questions to answer, and it can be overwhelming without the proper guidance. Make sure to find a reliable company to help walk you through every step and prepare a plan for any scenario. Unfortunately, we have no idea what the future holds, but creating a plan ahead of time can save your loved ones a lot of time and trouble.

Understandably, this subject is uncomfortable, but your family must know you are making plans and what they are. They need to have access to your end-of-life plan so they can follow it. They may not want to discuss it, but it is essential to work through these tricky details before it is too late. We all know how accurate the saying is that “we are not promised tomorrow.”

To wrap up, thinking and especially talking about the end of your life is uncomfortable; however, it is necessary. It will not be fun to work through, but you need an end-of-life plan. This will provide your loved ones with some comfort after you pass. It will be comforting not to have to worry if they are carrying out your final wishes in a manner that would satisfy you. They also will not have to deal with other family members second-guessing every decision they make throughout the process. Leave your family one final gift: let them know you made an end-of-life plan.

3 Ways to Make Your Boss Give You a Raise Without Asking for It


Annual reviews are great, but you do not always have to wait until that exact time to get a raise. You can also avoid looking for new employment as leverage because, contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of ways to gain a pay raise without asking your boss directly. It is common for people to be afraid to ask for a raise, especially in the economic situations we have been living in lately. 

Though there are many ways to get a raise, the easiest way to get one is to outperform everyone else at your job. That is a surefire way to ensure that your boss notices your work above everyone else’s and considers you first for a raise. There are, however, a few other tricks that you can try to make your boss give you a raise without directly asking for one. 

1. Show Your Value

An executive from Monster.com stated that to gain attention for a potential raise, you should be able to show that you are valuable to the company. Try to keep track of all of the projects and additional work you have taken on throughout the year and use these examples to show how you positively impact the business. If you played a vital role in gaining new customers or increasing revenue, share that with your manager or boss. 

Demonstrating your value shows the contributions you have made while highlighting the ways in which the company may depend on you for future growth. Show the ways that you have helped the company earn money because numbers are a convincing way to get what you want.

2. Do the Work No One Else Wants to Do

If you want to show that you are a team player, volunteer to do the tasks and assignments that everyone else avoids. This could be as simple as organizing office parties or starting new wellness programs. If you volunteer for these small tasks and perform them well, it will show your boss that you are not only a team player, but you are willing to do more for the company. 

Every company has those little jobs that seem more time-consuming than they are worth, but if you really want to stand out for a raise, consider taking on a project or two. You will stand out as a valuable team member and will be more likely to get a raise. 

3. Take Initiative 

Most companies require you to further your education throughout your employment process. Typically, this means getting a new certification or something easy every year. If you really want to stand out, take the initiative to ask your boss about workshops and classes that they think can make you a better employee. 

Go out on your own and pursue training on your own time. There are a lot of free online courses out there. Though asking your boss is a great way to get an idea of what they want, it is even better if you can share what you have already done. Taking the initiative to learn on your own will be rewarded and make you more valuable to the company. 


When you achieve the most, you become the most valuable person in your company. At the end of the day, business is about profits. If you want a raise but do not want to ask directly for one, find ways to show your boss that you are the most valuable employee they have. You want to show them that investing in you will only bring the company higher profits and great returns in the future.

Finding the Best Branding Studio for Your Company


Branding is an integral part of business, and no business can be successful without proper brand management. Many companies decide to hire an outside studio to manage their brand’s needs. As branding is your business’s heart and soul, you want to ensure that whoever you hire is considered to be the best branding studio out there.

Before committing to hiring a studio, you must first understand what branding is and what it can do for your business.

What Is Branding

The definition of branding is relatively simple — “It is the promotion of a particular product or set of products or a company of advertising and distinctive design.” The implications from the standpoint of a business are far more significant.

Businesses live and die on their brand recondition. Some multi-billion dollar businesses spend over 30% of their gross revenue on branding and advertising. They do not stay the most popular simply because they have a good product. People need to be reminded of how good it is and why they like it, and even its existence regularly.

A good studio understands that branding is the most defensible component of your business, and they help push your business in the direction that it needs to go.

Why Is Branding Important

The importance of branding is based on its ability to make a memorable impression on consumers. It also gives them a rough idea of what to expect from your company. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors is essential to surviving in the business world.

The agency you hire puts your branding needs first, making brand strategy & positioning at the top of its to-do list.

Recognition Through Branding

Your logo is the face of your company and thus is the most crucial element of your brand. Your logo must be memorable and make an impression on a large audience. Conveying all this in a simple image is no easy feat. A large amount of research goes into designing and doing market studies on logo designs.

The best studios know how to make your business stand out using identity and messing strategies to push your business to the next level.

Increase Value

A good brand will increase your business value. Being recognizable gives you leverage within your industry. Investors and shareholders will value your business more if you are a firm part of the market.

The branding studio your company hires will add value to your business by designing recognizable products and packaging in the hands of both customers and potential customers.

New Revenue Streams

If you have a strong brand, it means that your customers will have no problem referring you to others. Having your existing customers expanding your business with no extra effort puts you on another level than your competitors. A strong brand equates to trust. People will more willingly spend money with a reliable company..

The best agencies use many different avenues to get you new revenue sources. Their creative team produces quality photo and video content with a clear theme and unique mood that aligns with your branding to all your social outlets and online spaces where you interact with customers.

Employee Morale

A company is nothing without the workers that produce and sell the product. Having a strong brand will impart a sense of pride in your employees. This will lead to higher production and a higher quality product. It will also cut costs because your employees will want to work for your company and stay as long as possible. The lack of turnover of employees cuts down on training and onboarding costs significantly. Give your employees access to free branding materials. Let them display promotional merchandise for your company even when they are not on the clock.

Give your employees something to be proud of.

Why Use A Branding Studio?

Branding studios can and will give you an advantage over your competitors. Hiring a branding studio will offer a fresh perspective to your brand. The best ones will bring an utterly unbiased option that is not tainted by any past influences. An outside studio has the tools and wherewithal to upgrade your branding without overhauling your staff thoroughly.

How to Find Investing Opportunities by Following Less Popular Indicators


Helpful trading indicators are a crucial element of your investing strategy. They allow you to see opportunities before everyone else and capitalize on undervalued stocks. Less popular indicators can also clue you into crucial buying and selling opportunities.

You might be wondering what the best strategies and indicators for optimal investment returns are? We highlight our favorite picks, why they are useful, and how you can build them into your investing game plan.

Relative Strength Index

Relative Strength Index (RSI) represents the stock price’s current strength compared to its historical prices. It is a powerful tool because it shows you buy and sell signals, verifies stock price movement, and communicates when the stock is oversold or overbought. RSI will help you expand your trading strategies because it informs you on the optimal entry and exit points of stock.

So, how do you read RSI and execute your trades effectively? The RSI will always have a value between 0 and 100, which indicates how overbought or oversold the stock is. A smart stock trader may make any one of these moves based on the RSI:

  • Sell the stock when the RSI crosses below 70
  • Buy the stock when both the stock price and Relative Strength Index increasing, and the RSI surpasses 50
  • Sell the stock when both the stock price and Relative Strength Index are decreasing and the RSI falls below 50

Moving Average Convergence Divergence

The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is another oscillating stock indicator. It continually fluctuates around zero and serves as an indicator for trends and momentum.

A fundamental MACD strategy is to analyze a histogram chart and see which side of zero the lines are sitting on. If the MACD lines are consistently above zero, then the stock is most likely upward. On the other hand, if the MACD lines are under zero for a long time, the stock’s trend is going down.

Therefore, if you see the MACD line cross from negative to positive, it is a buy signal. When MACD lines cross from positive to negative, it is a sign to sell the security.

You can also pay close attention to the MACD signal line crossovers for hidden signs to buy and sell. A MACD has a pair of lines: slow and fast. When the fast line crosses above and through the slow line, it is a buy signal. When the fast line crosses below and through, it is an excellent time to sell the stock.

On-Balance Volume

The on-balance volume (OBV) consolidates all volume information about the stock into a single-line indicator. A stock’s OBV represents the cumulative selling and buying pressures. The OBV adds volume on the stock’s “up” days while decreasing it on the “down” days.

You can study the correlation between the OBV and price to determine buying and selling opportunities. If the OBV increases and the price remains stagnant, then the price will eventually follow, creating a buying opportunity. You can also tell when the stock is nearing a bottom. If the price decreases while the OBV is flat or rising, the price reaches its bottom for another buying opportunity.

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger bands are helpful indicators that show the bandwidth for which a security is trading. When you analyze a stock’s Bollinger band, it gives you critical insights into its recent volatility and if the security is trading outside its normal levels. The narrower the bands are to each other, the lower the volatility. If the bands are wide, the perceived volatility is high.

Bollinger bands also assist in predicting long-term price fluctuations. When the price is consistently moving outside of its higher parameters, it is currently overbought, signaling a selling opportunity. When the price falls below the lower band, it might be oversold and offers a buying opportunity.

Other Useful Indicators

If you want to try other strategies apart from the four described above, check out these other less popular indicators for identifying prime opportunities:

Step-by-Step Guide to Branding Your Small Business


A brand isn’t merely a name. Your brand is how people perceive you, which carries over into if they choose to interact with your business. 

You create a brand through consistency and intentionality, and in many cases, it can be more far-reaching than the products themselves. Your brand should evoke a feeling, concept, or ideal, but it all starts with deciding how you want your business to be perceived.

Guide to Developing Your Branding

Developing your brand will take thought, consistency, and passion; here are our key steps to branding your small business. 

1. Create a Buyer Persona and Research your Target Audience

Here are some ways to better understand the current market, i.e., your competitors and potential customers:

  • Google your product or business of service category—analyze direct and indirect competitors
  • Research the social media accounts of your audience to see their preferences
  • Talk to the target audience to see what kind of brands they purchase from
  • Go online to experience the perspective of a buyer and how they’d browse your site.

This information will help you outline the customer’s challenges to see where you can fit in to solve their problems. 

2. Develop your Voice and your Brand Identity

Ask yourself thoughtful questions involving your brand. For example, what does your company represent? What are your company’s values? How do you want people to think of you?

Next, create the content that supports your vision. Begin blogging or making social posts and writing intriguing emails geared towards reflecting your company’s inspiration.

The words that you choose to describe and advertise your brand will be your voice. Will you use conversational language or a more formal and technical approach? It all depends on your vision.

3. Decide How you Want your Brand to Look

A company’s logo is quintessential to brand building. The logo is displayed everywhere that your brand exists, and it will be pivotal when it’s time to make your website.

4. Choose a Logo that is Easily Identifiable, Scalable to All Sizes, and Unique.

Be sure to choose your colors wisely. Colors communicate much more than aesthetic preference; colors express feelings and emotions as well. So take some time and decide what colors best convey how you want your brand to make people remember your company. 

5. Establish a Social Media Presence

Figure out which social media outlet your target audience is spending most of its time establishing a presence there.

For example, men and women between the ages of 25 and 34 are the greatest demographic which uses Facebook regularly. Therefore, if your target audience falls within this pool, it would be smart to begin here.

If you discover that your audience prioritizes one social network over the others, then you will know where to place most of your resources. However, don’t be afraid to diversify networks once you establish yourself.

6. Apply your Brand Across your Business

Studies have shown that when shopping online, customers will read up on the business in question to become more acquainted with their practices, and they found that one way to facilitate this interaction is their brand stories.

Having a brand story is an excellent way for your audience to get to know who they’re buying from, and in many ways, it legitimizes your business, letting buyers know that you’re the real deal.

Questions to ask when making your brand story:

  • What was your motivation for launching your business?
  • What is your company’s purpose?
  • How do you help the world progress?
  • What is the story behind your business that your customers should know?

Final Thoughts

You can build a brand for your business by following this user-friendly guide to market your products or services. 

Remember these key tips:

  • Be unique
  • Grow your community
  • Build great products and services
  • Have a good name and logo
  • Find your voice
  • Be consistent
  • Make customer service a priority
  • Stand for something
  • Empower your customers
  • Deliver value

By considering these things, you’ll be able to build a brand for your business that pulls clients in and keeps them coming back for more. 

Five Cardinal Rules to Reduce the Number of Losing Trades


People should try to avoid mistakes in the Forex market to be able to do better. When the investors can do the activities systematically, it will be possible to do well. Newcomers should try to develop the basic knowledge about the market which will help stay here for a long time. Professionals learn to make fewer errors after practicing for many years in the market. There are some techniques for avoiding mistakes that are being discussed here.

Document your trade

Firstly, the investor is required to find out the mistakes which he has been done. For this, people should keep the trading journal which will help to identify the errors. In the trading field, people countenance the losing streak and winning streak. So, if you store the activities’ data, it will be easy to find out the reason behind the losing and winning streak. When anyone finds that some specific actions are responsible for the failure, he will avoid them. Sometimes, the trader does not keep the trading journal and fails to know about their flaws. To improve the performance, it is crucial to measure the account possible by reviewing the journal.

Revise your strategy

Traders are required to modify the strategy so that they can cope with the situation. This is necessary to know what types of changes you need to make. When you see that the plan is not working well and facing a losing streak repeatedly, you should try to find out why. Investors should trail the strategy through the demo account so that they can be able to understand the reason behind the losing streak is. This will help to modify the roadmap appropriately.

Learn the INS and OUT

The person should not avoid the practice session as it will help to take the right action. Traders should become aware of the situation, which will help them make the decision appropriately. There are different phases of the market. Without practice, you will not be able to know about these. When the investor can improve the crucial trading skills, he will be able to improve the performance. Sometimes, newcomers arrive in the trading field without gaining practical knowledge. If you have no idea about the market’s different circumstances, you will fail to execute the right plan. And make sure to use a good forex trading platform. Things will be challenging if you intend to learn with inadequate software.

Gather vital information

By acquiring knowledge about the market, you will be able to make progress. Traders should try to know about the market’s fundamental and technical analysis, which will help better. When the investor interprets the chart patterns properly, it will be possible to get a better result. Here, people are required to predict correctly. But, if you make a false prediction, you might face tremendous problems. Traders should not think that without gaining knowledge, it will be possible to make money.

Improve your endurance

Restless people will make huge mistakes. Here, the investors are required to think positively so that they can take the right action. People should keep the patient so that they can be able to take the proper preparation. Traders should try to keep the patience, which will help find out the entry and exit signals that will help execute the trade. In the Forex market, investors are required to take time to become successful. If you cannot wait for the right opportunity, it won’t be easy to do better.

In the trading field, people should develop the proper plan so that they can be able to make profits. There are so many problems in the market, but you have to learn to deal with them. When the person can make fewer mistakes, it will be possible to get the money.

Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Targeting


Paid media can be intimidating. Whether it’s PPC or social media advertising, one of the most critical aspects of success is putting the correct message in front of the right people. Get it right, and you’re attracting an audience that wants precisely what to deliver. However, if you manage a campaign without tighter targeting, and you run the risk of pouring cash down the drain.

In the PPC environment, contextual targeting is a mechanism that selects ad placements based on keywords, topics, and other variables in the Display Network.

How does it work?

Firstly, by analyzing your content, Google Ads finds out the core theme around your website. Keywords, selected subjects, location, browsing habits, and many other factors are then matched to your content.

Getting Started with Contextual Targeting:

As you can see, hyper-personalized advertisement is allowed by contextual targeting. Your advertisements are likely to appear on related magazines, blogs, and websites by choosing particular topics and pairing them with the material on your website.

Here’s how the process works:

Choose keywords and topics: Begin by simply adding target keywords and topics to your ad groups for the Display Network. These subjects help you to concentrate on more significant themes, which you will soon understand more.

Google Advertising analyzes possible locations: This is to assess the most significant websites to your targeting settings. Google analyzes the text, language, layout of the page, and internal links on each website to do this.

Your ad will be released!

Depending on the targeting you have opted for, Google Ads chooses placements:

Content keywords: When your goal keywords fit the core theme of a website/publication, your ad will appear on the applicable site. For example, let’s say you run an ad to sell a new coffee brand, targeting keywords such as “ethically sourced coffee.” To position your ad, Google Ads will target specific, individual pages.

Subject: When it suits your chosen topic’s general theme, your ad is put on a website. Google can advertise on websites that have a strong emphasis on coffee, using the coffee example above.

The most basic type of contextual advertising is this, but it goes far deeper than that.

Which is better: Contextual advertising or behavioral advertising?

Two promotional strategies are widely used, and it’s easy to see why they’re so frequently compared to each other. Despite main variations, both approaches illustrate advertising focused on the desires of consumers.

It is easy to conclude, after comparing and contrasting, that behavioral advertisement is better. It tends to be an upgraded version of contextual publicity.

The advantages of Contextual advertising:

  1. Easier to adopt and more affordable:

Behavioral advertising’s effectiveness depends on results. Lots of details (the most valuable being first-party data). This implies that you need resources to gather and evaluate it, techniques to use it, and individuals to maximize that process. Behavioral ads may not be worth implementing right away for organizations with fewer resources and fewer customer data at their disposal.

Not constrained by privacy legislation:

The first law to recognize cookies as personal information was the General Data Protection Regulation, setting down specific guidelines for obtaining it. Since then, substantial fines have been levied by its regulatory body for breaching user privacy:

More brand-safe:

It’s not only about legal security brands that need to worry but also about their reputation. And in some ways, it’s been hard to manage for behavioral marketers. Brands are gradually finding their ads in non-brand-safe settings, such as adult or terrorist content.

Final Words:

Back in the day, to understand our clients and their needs, all we had were keywords.

Contextual targeting is just that, from behavioral stimuli to native ads: advertising that operates in the network’s context on which you advertise. And it works exceptionally well, which is why Google has put in so much money to get it right.

How to Pay Off Your Student Debt with Side Hustles


If you decided to study, you most probably left university in considerable debt. If you want to get a degree, debt can be your reality.

Starting your life with a student loan doesn’t sound great. You need to pay tuitions and fees that are very high. However, with some side hustles, you can improve your financial situation.

Even if your debt is enormous, you can solve the situation and not give up on the thought that you’re always going to live with it. Here are some of the side hustles that can help you improve your financial situation.

Become a Friend with a Word Gig

The number of people who are non-employers, yet still provide some goods, is continuously growing. You can find gigs in almost any industry. Think about your best skills and try to use them as a freelance job.

These extra jobs can help you with paying off your student loans. Some of the most common side hustles that people choose are:

  • Uber, Lyft, etc. drivers

If you have a driving license, you can use it to earn some extra cash. The hours are flexible, and you can work at night or during the evening as well, so it might be easy to connect this side gig with your day-to-day job.

  • Selling Crafts

If you like DIY and are crazy about creating handmade things, you should try to sell them, whether it’s knitting, macramas, pottery, or anything else. Set up your Etsy page and open your little shop. This way, you can connect your passion with gaining some cash.

  • Walking Dogs and Cat Sitting

Nowadays, a lot of people decide to get a pet. Yet, they do not always have enough time to give them the required care. You can gain some money because of that.

Put an announcement in the newspaper or on social media, walk dogs, or sit cats to get closer to financial freedom.  You can also register through online dog walking sites such as Wag , Rover or PetBacker.

  • Become a Tutor

If you gained some particular skills during your life, for example, you are a statistics expert or know how to write an excellent essay, you can offer tutoring. Search for pages through which you can get clients fast, for example, Craiglist.

  • Offer a Unique Skill

If you are an expert in something that most people don’t know about, you can become an instructor in a community college or online platforms such as Udemy.

  • Get a Part-Time Job

You might be lucky enough to get additional, part-time work in a local coffee shop or other business where you can work during the weekend. That way, you can have a more stable income.

  • Get Rid of Some of Your Stuff

Decluttering spaces is now in fashion. According to some, it helps you to become calmer and more balanced. Also, it can give you some extra money.

Check out all the things you have at home, starting with clothes, through books, to your old computer that you might sell for parts. Then offer them at a good price on Facebook groups, eBay, Craiglist, etc.

Step by Step to Financial Freedom

It might take a bit of time and extra work to pay off your student loan and become financially independent. With proper budgeting and an additional gig or two on the side, you can do it.

As most side hustles are flexible, you don’t have to worry that you’re never going to have free time. Take a break whenever you feel too overwhelmed, and go back to your hustle whenever you’re ready.

A side job can be your solution for paying off a part of your debt and a lesson on how to get financial freedom in the long run.

Three Booming Industries that Are Destined for Growth


The world is becoming even more advanced than before. Interconnection and globalism still play crucial roles in business. The key to success is to keep up with all the innovations, trends, and clients’ demands.

If you plan your future career path or want to invest in a business, these three industries are very significant. You can be sure that they will bring in a lot of money in the upcoming years.

Banking and Finances

After the Second World War, finances and banking started playing a more crucial role in society. It is now even hard to imagine life without them. This is why new and influential technologies have been developing finances for the last ten years.

As banking and finances are global and digital, the industry requires advanced technologies to protect public databases. Advanced engineers take care of the blockchain that allows data to proceed securely.

This technology has helped develop the financial sector rapidly and allowed the business to grow globally, speeding up the globalization process.

If you want to create security for a bank, you should invest your time in Business Schools that teach how to manage a business while explaining blockchain technology. Experts in this field can apply blockchain in existing operations and strategies.

Some of the companies that use those advanced technologies to develop are Monzo and Revolut. They use, for example, artificial intelligence to learn the needs of their customers.

International marketing

As the competition in almost any industry grows, marketing also has to grow. Starting in the 50s in the USA, where the first big advertisement was broadcasted, marketing plays a crucial role in shaping society and customer needs.

Its value, in 2019, surpassed US$1.7 trillion worldwide. That’s already a tremendously huge amount that is predicted to grow continually.

Today’s marketing is about much more than just creating a catchy advertisement. The 21st century has brought a real revolution to this industry, which now is more digitally active, more responsive, and very wide-ranging.

Modern customers want personalized content that they have to see in a suitable form, at the right time, and in the right medium. If you learn how to fulfill clients’ needs, considering the international perspective, you might get into one of the most prosperous businesses ever.

As marketing becomes global, it’s not only about selling. You discover and learn about different cultures, the needs of specific markets, and also the demographic groups of the clients.

Product Design

Designs by people become rarer as AI and reality technologies replace them. Yet, those innovations can be used to the human’s advantage. They can often simplify the process of designing products and boost our creativity.

AI might be able to create an outline of the product, but a human can bring a personal perspective, including their own experience, that is going to resonate with users.

When you design the product, you also have to think about cultural, political, financial, and environmental factors. Clients look for products that work, are well designed, and meet their personal values, such as sustainability.

If you are excited about the new design trends but also love innovation, perhaps choosing this industry as your future career path is a good idea.


Some industries grow for a while caused by a trend or global events, such as personal protection equipment during the COVID pandemic. Yet, their future might rapidly change when the situation in the world does.

However, the industries mentioned above are so connected with people’s lives and needs that they’re going to last and grow no matter what, for at least decades.

Hakki’s Pizza Addresses Homeless in New York City During the Coronavirus Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for individuals, families, and small businesses. This medical crisis has created a lot of financial problems for companies of all sizes. In particular, restaurants have been struggling, as dine, and service has been limited all over the world since the pandemic started. This includes New York City, which is home to Hakki’s Pizza. When people think about Champion Pizza, led by Hakki Akdeniz, they usually think about delicious frozen pizzas they see on the shelves of supermarkets. Even though it is true that Hakki’s Pizza has had its own fair share of difficulties during the pandemic, that has not stopped Hakki Akdeniz from pursuing his passion for helping those in need. Now, Hakki’s Pizza is working hard to address homelessness throughout New York City. 

A Hidden Gem During a Difficult 2020

For the vast majority of people, 2020 is the year that they would like to put in the rearview mirror as quickly as possible. Even this undoubtedly includes the leadership of Hakki’s Pizza, which has had to adjust to a new normal, Hakki Akdeniz understands that 2020 has been more difficult for some people than others. For example, people who are homeless in New York City have struggled significantly during the pandemic. The reality is that when financial difficulties arise, many people cut out their charitable donations first. Therefore, people who are homeless, who rely on the donations of others, have really felt the sting of the pandemic. Fortunately, Hakki’s Pizza is stepping up to help those in need. Many people who follow Hakki Akdeniz on social media have likely seen him going from place to place in his food truck. He uses this to pass out pizza to homeless individuals and families throughout New York City. Even though his business is struggling during the pandemic, he has not stopped giving out food. 

Hakki Akdeniz Passes Out Other Necessities as Well

In addition to sharing food with those in need, Hakki’s Pizza also passes out other necessities as well. This includes clothing and money. He hopes that he can use these charitable acts to inspire others to do the same thing. He understands that he is only one man with a pizza company; however, his impact is being felt all over the city. He says that it makes him feel good to give out pizza, money, and clothing to homeless individuals. Furthermore, he was once homeless himself. Therefore, he understands just how difficult it can be. He knows that every little bit helps. That is why he is working hard to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. 

The Future of Hakki’s Pizza and His Charitable Work

Even though it is true that vaccinations have been developed, there’s a difference between developing a vaccine and vaccinating individuals. He understands that people who are homeless are going to continue to struggle until the economy returns to normal on people start to donate regularly. For now, Hakki’s Pizza is focused on being a force for good. He has a tremendously large social media following and he hopes that he can use his platform to inspire others to help those in need as well. He believes that charity is not something that always has to be glamorous. It can be something as simple as reading kind words to people in need. Homeless individuals are people as well and they deserve our support during this time.