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Nasdaq Trading Hours & Basics: How to Trade the Nasdaq 100

NEW YORK CITY - JAN 2: Times Square, New York street night life January 2, 2008, New York City. New York City, which is the largest and most populous city in the United States.

Anyone who is looking to find ways to use their money to make money has probably heard about the stock market. There are lots of different stock market exchanges to choose from. While the New York Stock Exchange is one of the most popular, another option is the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The NASDAQ is a global electronic marketplace where investors are able to buy and sell different types of securities. In 1971, the NASDAQ Market was created by the National Association of Securities Dealers. The purpose of the NASDAQ is to enable investors to trade Securities using a fast, transparent, and computerized system. Also referred to as the NASDAQ Composite, this is an index that contains more than 3,000 stocks that are listed on the exchange. Some of the biggest companies in the world, including some from Hong Kong, are traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. A few of the biggest examples include Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Oracle. For this reason, anyone who would like to learn more about this stock market and the exchange should keep a few key points in mind.

NASDAQ Trading Hours: An Overview of Regular and Extended Hours Trading

When it comes to trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange,  it is important to know the market hours of the exchange. Like most other stock exchanges in the local area, the NASDAQ is open for six and a half hours per day. Regular trading hours takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 4 pm. There are also extended hours available as well. The extended hours trading takes place before and after the hours listed above. Pre-market extended hours take place from 4 a.m. to 9:30 am even though most pre market trading takes place closer to 9:30. After market hours trading takes place from 4 p.m. to 8 pm. This is a great opportunity for traders to buy or sell that last stock during an extended hours trading opportunity. In this manner, the NASDAQ provides added stock trading flexibility using additional hours trading sessions.

Even though most people are only able to place orders during normal trading hours or regular hours, there are also ways  for people to get approved to execute stock trading outside of regular hours. Those who are interested in swapping stocks outside of regular trading should speak to a professional about lengthening their trading day. Next, it is important for everyone to learn the different stock market order types of taking place on the NASDAQ.

The Types of Stock Market Orders Placed on the NASDAQ Composite

In general, when it comes to the NASDAQ exchange, there are two major types of orders that all traders and investors should keep in mind. They are referred to as a market order and a limit order.

Market Order

The most common type of order is the market order. In the eyes of most people, a market order is the most basic type of trade that could be executed. This is an order to either buy or sell a stock immediately and at the current price. If someone takes a look at the ticker symbol of one of the companies on the NASDAQ and likes the price, then he or she could place a market order to buy it immediately. In general, when people place an order for a stock, they are going to purchase that stock at or near the posted asking price. On the other hand, if someone is getting ready to sell a stock, then he or she is going to receive a price at or near the bid that has recently been posted.

It is important to note that the most recently traded price is not necessarily the price at which the market order is going to be carried out. While it is fast, if the market is particularly volatile, then the price at which the order is filled, or executed, could deviate from the most recently seen price. Therefore, market orders do not necessarily guarantee a price, but they do make sure that the order is carried out as quickly as possible.

On the whole, market orders are popular among individual investors who are trying to buy or sell a stock without experiencing any delays. The good news is that the NASDAQ is traded electronically, ensuring that orders are carried out as quickly as possible, even on Friday. The biggest advantage of trading using a market order is that the trade is guaranteed to be filled quickly. Even though the investor might not know the exact price at which the stock is going to be purchased or jettisons, market orders that are likely to trade tens of thousands of shares per day are going to receive prices that are very close to the post a bid or ask.

Limit Order

The other big category of order that someone might place on a NASDAQ is referred to as a limit order. Also called a pending order, this allows investors to place orders that are carried out at specified prices in the future. This order is not going to be carried out until the price of the stock reaches a specified level. If the price is not reached, then a limit order could end up expiring.

There are four different types of them at orders that someone might like. These include:

  • Buy Limit: A buy limit order is placed to purchase a security at or below a specified price. This means that the order is placed below the current bid of that specific stock. If a stock falls to that price, the order is carried out.
  • Sell Limit: A sell limit order is placed to sell a certain stock at or above a specified price. In order for this trade to be carried out, the order has to be placed above the current posted price. 
  • Buy Stop: This is an order that is placed to purchase a certain stock above the currently posted price. This stop order is only going to be placed once a certain price has been reached, also known as the stop level. 
  • Sell Stop: A sell stop order is an order to sell a stock at a price that is below the current price of the stock. This order is only going to become active once the specified stop level has been attained.

This is a brief overview of the various orders that someone might be able to place on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. It is important to think about these orders carefully when deciding when to carry them out.

The NASDAQ Stock Exchange as an Investment Vehicle

Overall, the NASDAQ is a large stock exchange that has thousands of investment opportunities for investors. It is a good idea for investors to become familiar with the stocks that are traded on this stock exchange, as it is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Those who are able to plan their Investments carefully have the opportunity to generate significant returns using the stock market.


Music Management and Video Production


Since MTV’s heyday, the music video has been a key piece to any single. It became clear that audiences wanted a more immersive experience when listening to music. Streaming technology has now advanced to the point that listeners are streaming both videos and music on their preferred provider. Especially looking at the trends of the last year, live events are only just beginning to return. Most of the content we’ve seen this year has been taped or streamed performances, with varying degrees of production value. 

Everything from a home live stream Q&A to a fully produced concert are valuable content tools for any manager or management agency. Take a look at Mark Gillespie, founder of Three Six Zero. Gillespie is a great example of someone who deeply explores digital content in all forms. A quick search through their catalog reveals multitudes of content, including videos and blog posts. Having a hand in video production not only benefits what you can do for your artists but expands your potential representation power. 

Types of Videos 

Looking at major artists on social media right now, there are a few kinds of videos you’ll see. First, the update. An artist may post a quick video, live or pre-recorded, to their story or main feed updating fans on a new release, collaboration, or project in the works. These videos don’t require a lot of production as we all have high-powered computers in the palm of our hands, but they are an important part of the equation. These kinds of promotions keep fans in loop and create a sense of community with the artist. 

At higher production points, consider taped performances for your artist. With a little added production value, a well-shot performance can have a great deal of mileage and will push forward the image of your artist doing what they truly love. 

Music videos are probably the most expensive and risky kind of video production to embark on. You’ll need a dedicated and professional videographer, director and crew in addition to an editing team to get the job done right. That being said, with so much technology becoming more mainstream, it is possible today to acquire production tools for affordable prices. 

Build Relationships With Studios

Another thing that will benefit you is having relationships with production studios. Knowing the right person to call could be the difference between a clean, solid production and a messy one that you might not use. 

In a creative market that appears to be mostly self-produced, having the image of studios behind your projects helps legitimize your organization for future collaborations. It’s not just about whether you can accomplish the task, it’s about whether you can do that and leave with new professional connections. 

Have Familiarity With Production Language

If you’re hiring a production crew, chances are you are not a video producer yourself. That’s ok! Your role as a manager is to facilitate smooth operations whenever possible. It does mean that in any situation, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with traditions and keywords within the production world. Knowing how to talk to a director or videographer is the difference between a smooth day on set and a sloppy one. 

Broken by a Broker? Find Out What to Do


People feel they should trust their family, friends, and their broker. After all, a broker manages the money that can represent your future, whether it is a college fund for kids or retirement.

Unfortunately, there are many broker scams, and with investing on the internet, scams have grown. Fortunately, those who have lost money to broker scams can retrieve it with Trader Defense Advisory services. It is also important to do your due diligence before trading.

The pandemic has led to a significant uptick in complaints about investment fraud, and these broker scams are proliferating. The financial crisis and job insecurity have led to desperation to make money fast through trading rather than prudent investing. Unscrupulous parties have taken advantage of this trend to develop broker scams.

Types of Broker Scams

Broker scams often fall into one or several of the following patterns:

  1. Unregulated Broker

The first step when deciding to trade is to work with a regulated broker. This means not working with a broker without a license to trade in the area you are and inspecting licenses to ensure they are up to date.

If a broker has no license, there is little or no recourse to action if they steal your money. Regulatory bodies are charged with the responsibility of exacting penalties from licensees who take advantage of their clients. Unregulated brokers do not fall under their jurisdiction.

  1. Fake Trading Platforms

You may be impressed with a broker’s state-of-the-art trading platform. The broker may claim you can see your trades in real-time. This could be true, or in the case of a broker scam, this platform could be nothing more than a glorified video game, and no trading will take place at all.

  1. Pump and Dump Schemes

There is a good reason for brokers and even financial journalists to disclose what holdings they have before giving financial advice or making predictions. This is to avoid suspicion of pump and dump schemes.

A fake broker could own an undervalued asset, talk up the asset and pressure clients to buy it, and then sell it when it is at its high point, making all of the other traders’ investments worthless. This is one of the most insidious and common types of broker scams. Make sure your broker reveals his or her holdings before working with them.

  1. Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes were made famous by Bernie Madoff who defrauded high-profile investors of millions for years until his crime was discovered in 2009. A Ponzi scheme is a  broker scam that is like a revolving door in which those wishing to withdraw money are paid with funds from new clients.

There is no investment going on at all, but money is simply going in and out and the broker collects commissions. The fake broker may claim the investment went bust when they don’t want to return the money or they can disappear behind other identities.

Is Your Broker a Scam Artist?

There are ways of telling before it is too late if your broker is pulling a scam. These can be red flags:

  • Unregulated broker
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of information about investments
  • The broker only deals with one type of investment and it is high risk
  • The broker puts pressure to make trades when a client asks for a withdrawal
  • Unauthorized transactions
  • Refusal to allow a client to withdraw money
  • Slaps on unexpected fees

What If You Have Lost Money in a Broker Scam

If you can’t get your broker to withdraw your funds, you are most likely trapped in a broker scam. It is important to report the broker to the regulatory body that provided the license and work with a third party to track down the broker and retrieve your funds.

Trading Opportunity or Forex Scam? Find Out


Most of us want to make some extra money and have seen Forex trading on the internet. It can be hard to determine which are legitimate trading opportunities and which are Forex scams.

A third party can help find reliable brokers and assist people who have fallen victims to forex scams.

What Is Forex?

Forex is an abbreviation of “foreign exchange” and involves trading pairs of currencies against each other. For instance, if you feel that the British Pound will increase against the Euro, you would bet on the pound.

Forex trading seems straightforward. Everyone has dealt with currency at one time or another, and people who have traveled abroad understand the concept of currency pairs. What could go wrong with forex trading, and why is it the center of so much controversy and worries about forex scams?

What Are Forex Scams?

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, Forex scams can look like actual trading until you actually sign up, give over some money, and then discover that you are not only not going to make a profit but may not even recover your investment.

There are various types of Forex Scams:

  1. Unregulated Brokers

The first step to choosing a broker is to ensure that he or she is regulated. It shouldn’t stop with just checking for a license; confirming the license is from a highly-rated regulator is also essential. There are also problems with counterfeit licenses, which can be hard to identify as fake. Be skeptical about brokers who provide only scant information.

  1. Signal Seller Scams

Signal sellers will promise practical tips and trading strategies. They are quick to sign you up for their service for a substantial fee. They will suggest currency pairs, and often these trades will not turn out well for the trader, but they have already paid for the service. Sooner or later, the trader will realize that the tips are fake and only benefit the bogus broker, but they may have already lost a lot of money.

  1. Fake Robots or Automated Systems

Robots are not always a red flag. Increasingly Artificial Intelligence is being used, from everything to chatbots to sentiment analysis. However, robots are intended to enhance our ability to trade, work or perform other functions, but not necessarily to take over.

The scam perpetrators should provide clues such as promising the robot will help you make money in your sleep. These scammers want traders to be asleep at the wheel and not pay attention to what is happening–would-be traders are being robbed in their sleep. In these cases, the robots are not trading at all. It is no more than a video game.

  1. Phony Schemes and Funds

This is another example of a scheme based on a structure that may otherwise be legitimate in the right circumstances. In this case, these forex scams are fake money managers. Someone will offer to invest your money in a forex investment scheme that will supposedly yield returns as high as 50% a year.

One way of telling that this is a scam is the extravagant guarantee of high returns. The typical fund returns 10% or around that level a year. Any scheme that guarantees double or quintuple that amount is most likely a forex scam.

What to Do If You Lose Money in Forex Scams

Many people feel it is too late once they have lost money in forex scams. However, Trader Defender experts will track down scammers and provide a full investigative report on the Forex scam. Trader Defender has vast experience in dealing with Forex scams uses data-driven methods to track down fraudulent players.

What Music Managers Need to Know in 2021


It’s no small fact that the world is changing. This last year, every aspect of our daily lives was flipped upside down. We see an upheaval in the foundation of the way we live, and many industries have struggled through the pandemic to survive. The entertainment industry has suffered dramatically without boosting live events and shows, with artists and crews finding themselves with little to no work. Unsurprisingly, much of the industry’s efforts have taken a digital format. Many artists, particularly artists in the electronic medium, have taken advantage of social media and marketing tools to fortify the industry in a changing global marketplace. 

When streaming hit the market, the industry was in shambles. There was no precedent for this new market after the industry’s collapse brought on by file sharing and piracy. Now, we’re seeing managers like Mark Gillespie start to ask how we can make sure we are prepared for a post-streaming world? Let’s look at some of the things that Music Managers should be thinking about in 2021. 

Know Where to Reach Your Audience

With so many community spaces appearing online, it can be hard to determine where to focus your efforts. Of course, it’s essential as a music manager to make sure your artists are present on all platforms, but depending on who listens to their music, you might want to focus on different social engines. 

Instagram and TikTok are powerful platforms for young audiences. Particularly for musicians, TikTok is a fantastic way to get your music heard and spread amongst a ton of people all at once. In addition, Instagram remains a reliable advertising platform, and most short video formats translate well to Instagram. 

Make Connections With Venues

Live events are coming, and they’re coming fast. With COVID relief money flowing to many independent venues, now is the time to be making relationships with booking agents at clubs and halls you want your artists performing in. Right now, this is a profitable market. There is a massive demand for performing arts, and in tandem with fortified social media marketing, it’s a ripe opportunity to get new artists heard. 

Have Multiple Outlets

Creative industries are becoming less and less defined. Creative content is the driving force of many influencers, and it often utilizes multiple forms of media such as audio, video, photography, and even set design. Having your eye on opportunities in film production, record producing, and independent labels will strengthen your name as a manager and widen your roster. This will also increase the potential for collaborations between artists you represent. 

Invest in Tech! 

Music industry giants need to be at the forefront of the investing market. Putting your name behind companies you are passionate about says a lot about you as a manager, but it does a lot more to strengthen the presence of the music industry in tech. This was a large part of why streaming was so devastating in the late ’90s for labels and artists. This was a technological idea that no one knew how to deal with. 

Making relationships with tech companies is essential for bringing the music industry back on its feet after decades of recovery. Music managers have a considerable responsibility for pushing their artist’s careers forward, and they are also integral to making an industry that works for the people inside of it. 

Is Text Message Marketing Still an Effective Business Strategy?


If you are a new or existing business owner, it’s no wonder if you spend most of your thinking about ways your can using texting as an effective business strategy. Although texting has been around for quite some time, it is and will always keep evolving. With the ability to send pictures, videos, and emojis, everyone loves to text as a primary form of communication. And since this form of communication is so popular, you as a business can use this to your advantage, especially when increasing your sales.

If you’re interested in how you can use text messaging as a business strategy, check out below the many different ways it’s still considered one of the most effective business strategies out there.

What is Text Messaging Marketing?

If you’re not sure what text messaging marketing is, we’re here to break it down for you. As the name implies, it is sending marketing information via text to your customer’s cellphone numbers. Since most customers add their cellphone number on orders or pop-up notifications on your website, it’s relatively easy to set up a text marketing campaign. The campaign can do most of the work for you with just a simple setup and a few clicks.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some of the services that text message marketing campaigns can offer your business:

  • Human conversation – if you choose a text messaging marketing company that employees people, you can set it up where your customers are texting with real people instead of bots.
  • Constantly working for you – using a text messaging marketing company has someone else working with customers for you so you can get back to running your business.
  • Connect to your e-commerce – no matter what selling platform you use, most text messaging marketing companies can sync up in minutes, thus making it fast and easy for them to handle your customers’ text messaging

As you can see, using text messaging marketing has elevated the texting landscape so that you can expand it to your business. Not only can you set it up for campaigns, but you can add a customer service element to it, so your customers are getting the care they deserve while you continue to run your business.

How It Is Effective

Now that you know what exactly text message marketing is like the types of services you can use to utilize it, let’s dive into it is still effective. The answer to this is a resounding yes, and it should always be a part of your business strategy, no matter if you are a new or existing business owner. However, if you’re still unsure as to whether you should take the plunge or not, check out the following reasons why text message marking is still compelling:

  • It doesn’t require additional apps – some marketing tools require that you and the customer download specific apps, but with text messaging, it’s all on one platform.
  • It’s easy to engage – it’s second nature these days for everyone to check a text message when it comes in instantly, so by using text messaging marketing, your chances of customers checking your texts immediately is very high.to
  • Embed quick links – since most people are more likely to use their phone to browse the internet, texting links to your website or other promotional offers will be sooner than sending them via email
  • Create a sense of intimacy – there is something very intimate about text messages as it creates a sense of a personal conversation between two people. This can certainly work to your advantage when building brand loyalty.
  • Preferred way of conversation – face the facts. Most people prefer to text over any other type of communication, so sending texts is already creating brand interest.

For these reasons, it should be a no-brainer that text messaging marketing works for any business strategy. No matter what industry your business is in, anyone can leverage text messaging marketing to their advantage.

Why It Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

It’s safe to say that text messaging marketing is not only not going anywhere anytime soon but that it will sure to evolve with the everchanging digital landscape. If you’re still on the fence about text messaging marketing, let’s recap why it’s still and will always be an effective business strategy:

  • The fewer apps, the better – fewer apps mean less clutter for you and the customer, which means your customers will continue to remain engaged.
  • Easy access to links – embedded links into your text message marketing means your customers are more likely to click directly to your website.
  • It’s the way people communicate – since texting has become the preferred way to communicate, text messaging marketing will capture your customer’s attention.

This Music Industry Mogul is Taking the Management World by Storm


Music managers have been an essential part of artists’ success for some time now. Thinking back to the dawn of pop and rock, a few names come to mind. Brian Epstein, Allen Klein, Peter Grant, and Steve O-’Rourke are a few examples of managers who took their respective artists to the top.

In recent years, the management world has expanded far beyond the realms of just dealing with artists’ careers. Management companies and their partners need to distinguish themselves as leaders within the entire media industry. These industry tycoons are referred to as Moguls. Investing in not just a particular artist or medium, they are known for creating vast business networks within media industries. Mark Gillespie and his company Three Six Zero are quickly taking hold of the management industry. Gillespie’s passion for music and technology paired with a fierce sense of entrepreneurship are skyrocketing his company to the top.

Three Six Zero

Mark Gillespie made a splash with Three Six Zero with its founding in London in 2007. Originally from Birmingham, UK, Gillespie began his career by booking DJs for local clubs. He was enamored with the nightclub scene and particularly interested in electronic music.

This quickly developed into a full-blown management career. Soon after founding the organization, Gillespie began managing Scottish EDM producer Calvin Harris. Harris, under Gillespie’s management, has gone on to collaborate with the top artists working in electronic music, Hip Hop, and R&B. These include: Migos, Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, and many more. Three Six Zero’s impressive roster also includes Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame.

In addition to Mark Gillespie’s success managing artists, Three Six Zero also launched their own UK-based record label in 2014. Aimed at connecting UK producers with American audiences, this is another prime example of Gillespie’s managerial style of connecting artists.

Westbrook Entertainment

Three Six Zero recently acquired the Westbrook entertainment talent agency, adding to their roster of clients Jayden, Jada, Willow, and Will Smith. This impressive collaboration brings an already thriving company to the forefront of music, film, and digital content management. Acquired in 2018, this adds to a Three Six Zero production credit on the film VOX LUX, starring Natalie Portman and Jude Law.


Mark Gillespie is also an avid investor with a growing portfolio of start-ups and technology companies, most relating to music, media, and apparel. Some notable companies include Lyft, Outdoor Voices, SonicEnergy (wireless charging), Songkick, Tiny Farms (farming edible insects), Basis, Uptime App, and Saavn. His portfolio reflects an investor and manager who is dedicated to a more sustainable future both for the artists he represents and the audiences whose lives are enriched by those artists.

Mark Gillespie is quickly taking the management world by storm. Unique for his globally-minded business practices and endeavors, the industry is in desperate need of someone who can navigate the new era of music and media. Moguls like Pharrell Williams, Coach K, and the like will have to welcome a new name to the management stage: Mark Gillespie.

Barry Oberholzer and JETT Taking Off

source: pixabay.com

In the age of Instagram and cryptocurrency, there is a new crypto project that is gaining some attention.

The world’s first crypto-only aviation firm, JETT manages to connect the exciting and growing worlds of cryptocurrency and aviation.

Founded by Barry Oberholzer, a former intelligence operative, and aviation industry veteran, the JETT team comprises industry leaders with a combined 50 years of high-level experience in the fintech and aviation industries.

The easy-to-use JETT platform provides safe, cost-effective, fast, and practical solutions for aircraft trading and chartering. Everything is done via crypto and all transactions are conducted with a third-party Escrow provider ensuring safety and anonymity at all times.

Barry Oberholzer aviation expert spoke of JETT at its launch in Miami, Florida recently ahead of the Bitcoin 2021 Conference hosted in the city,

“JETT is leading the way in connecting holders of cryptocurrencies to private air travel and aircraft ownership, while incorporating the full tax benefits of the purchase and leasing of assets”

“Technology is constantly evolving, and so is consumer demand for speed and efficient service. By connecting crypto holders with aviation assets, our exclusive platform provides attractive opportunities and allows us to deliver a boutique service to our clients”

Tax Efficient

A big draw to the JETT project is its tax efficiency. JETT enables people to take advantage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which included changes incentivized buying a private jet and helicopter more than ever before The tax code allows 100 percent bonus depreciation for the purchase of an aircraft, meaning the full 100% cost of either a new or used aircraft can be written off in the first year for business use.

Barry Oberholzer and the JETT team provide a turn-key solution to help mitigate any tax exposure and enable users to take advantage of private aircraft ownership to maximize revenue.

Diverse Portfolio

JETT has built a game-changer of a platform that enables the diversification of an individual’s portfolio.

It is backed by an experienced tactical financial crypto team actively creating transaction opportunities and helping to build a profitable portfolio. The transactions are structured so that users enjoy the largest tax benefits through the effective use of capital gains tax law. Meanwhile, contractor relationships are cultivated aviation assets closely managed to ensure there is the best care provided and the best possible peace of mind ensured.

With its luxury corporate 24/7 concierge program and its warm embrace of the crypto world, expect to see a lot more of JETT and not just on Instagram.


5 Things You Can Do to Improve the Air in Your House with Everlasting Comfort Products


Many people don’t think about the air quality inside their homes. They run the air conditioner or the heating unit all year round, changing out the filters. We’re here to tell you that that’s not enough. There are other steps you can take to ensure that the air inside your home is of high quality.

Having healthy indoor air is important because it will prevent you from getting sick more often, especially if you have allergies. Everlasting Comfort makes improving your air quality easy with a variety of different products made specifically with your health in mind.

1. Increase the Humidity

The humidity level in your home should always be between 30% and 60%. However, in dry areas or during the colder months, it’s impossible to prevent dry air without the help of a humidifier.

When you use a humidifier, you’ll ensure that the air in your home stays in the perfect humidity range. Many different people can benefit from the use of humidifiers, but they’re most frequently used to relieve:

  • Dry skin
  • Dry throat
  • Bloody noses
  • Dry cough
  • Cracked lips
  • Nose irritation
  • Sinus problems

You can also use a humidifier to help you sleep better at night, as it’s much easier to sleep when you don’t have to deal with the problems listed above.

2. Protect Your Pillows and Mattresses from Allergens

Everlasting Comfort sells both pillow covers and mattress covers to help protect them from allergens. You may be thinking, how does this help to improve air quality? When your air quality is poor, items in your home can more easily absorb allergens from the air, trapping them in your mattresses, pillows, and soft furniture.

If you’re working on increasing your air quality, you should also think about protecting your furniture. If your air quality increases, you’ll still have leftover allergens, mites, and more lingering in your furniture. To prevent further absorption of allergens and more, protect your furniture. That way, your air will be high in quality, and you won’t have to worry about your furniture absorbing allergens.

3. Reduce Airborne Viruses

Many people encourage the use of humidifiers in your home when someone you live with is sick. Using a humidifier can help to prevent illnesses from spreading between family members or housemates.

This is because higher humidity levels can kill off viruses, making it much harder for them to be transmitted between people. On top of that, a humidifier will also be a great help to anyone who is currently sick, as it will help them cough more productively (instead of having a dry cough), and it will help them sleep better.

So, to keep your home free of viruses, purchase an Everlasting Comfort humidifier.

4. Get Rid of Unwanted Bugs

In hot climates, it can difficult to keep bugs out of your house, even if you have pest control. There always seem to be a few annoying bugs leftover, no matter how hard you try to keep them out. No matter how clean your air is, it always feels a bit grosser with bugs buzzing around.

By using an essential oil diffuser, you’ll be able to choose sents that repel bugs. There are different scents that work for different types of bugs, or you can choose a blend that will repel most, if not all, bugs in your home.

5. Try Your Hand at Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great way to help improve your air quality while also making your air benefit you. There are many great scents that can help to improve your everyday life. If you struggle with insomnia, anxiety, or chronic headaches, there’s an essential oil out there to help you feel better.

You can diffuse essential oils with Everlasting Comfort’s essential oil diffusers or their air humidifiers, as they’re equipped with essential oil trays for easy diffusing.

Choose Everlasting Comfort for High Quality Air

If you’re looking to increase the air quality within your home, Everlasting Comfort is a great one-stop-shop with many options to help you breathe easier. With humidifiers, essential oil diffusers, mattress protectors, and more, you’ll be well on your way to a home that’s clean and comfortable.

No matter what comfort item you’re looking for, Everlasting Comfort has your back. At Everlasting Comfort, your home is important, and we want to help you ensure that your air is the highest quality possible.

Rising Crypto Star Foobee Reports Big Pre-Sale Success


Foobee – the world’s first swipe-to-Earn social dating application continues to make waves in the crypto world.

Having burst onto the scene not too long ago, there has been a buzz about Foobee not seen for quite some time.

Foobee has successfully built a community-led ecosystem where users get rewarded for engagement and participation with like-minded people in the socially driven Fooboe ecosystem. Users then get the opportunity to spend the Foobee tokens earned within its own broad and diverse eCommerce platform, whilst earning more tokens the more you spend.

Rarely has a crypto project garnished this much public attention and support. The pre-sale, part of a clear and defined roadmap, proved to be a tremendous success with millions of the Foobee tokens sold already and an order book filling daily. The public’s enthusiasm for Foobee is testimony to the solidity and promise of the project.

Built on the ultra-fast, low-cost Polygon Smart chain and fully ERC-20 compatible, Foobee gives its growing community the opportunity to ‘crave, swipe and earn’ as they create and participate in a network of people, all with similar interests. It doesn’t matter if you are single or partnered up, there is something for everyone in the decentralized Foobee system. Users are matched in a gamified and social environment offering fun, entertainment, self-improvement and of course, enjoy the opportunity to earn rewards for engaging with the people (all verified through a KYC process) that YOU want to engage with.

The last eighteen months under a near-full global lockdown has seen a massive spike in the usage of online dating apps. During the pandemic, Tinder recorded its highest number of swipes on a single day: 3 billion. From March to May 2020, OkCupid saw a 700% increase in dates, whilst on Bumble, video calls increased by 70%

With new features being launched by Foobee in the near future, this is one project that looks like it is managing to make the transition from a promising project to a multi-million dollar success.


To find out more about Foobee or purchase their tokens, you can visit them here.




West Coast Based Tech Founder Kevin Miller Knows the Secrets to Organic SEO


Marketers on the cutting edge of SEO are proving to be valuable allies for brands competing in the digital marketplace today. Traditional channels of marketing and communication are no match for the sweeping trends of desktop, mobile, and voice-activated search.

In other words, SEO is no longer an optional thing for brands looking to carve out space on the internet, especially companies that do nearly all their sales online through direct-to-consumer business models.

This is exactly where marketing expert Kevin Miller is focused these days: sharing the secrets of organic SEO with his clients and getting them outstanding results in search engine rankings. In turn, this allows brands to build a strong public image, boost trust, and see major growth.

This is how Miller and his team of SEO pros at GR0 are blazing new trails in an industry with lots of big ideas.

Trial and Error

Back in the early days of SEO, websites were engaged in practices that would now be considered certifiably “black hat” in their ethics and mechanics.

Stuffing pages with keywords, buying backlinks left and right, and even using “hidden text” tactics to make websites look better while still getting SEO benefits.

However, Google quickly caught on to these schemes, and they were soon penalized by the powers that be and had to rethink their approach.

So began the Google algorithm as we know it today, and the endless challenge for SEO strategists to piece together best practices one at a time.

“It’s really a pure case of trial and error, and we discover more every year about the best white-hat strategies that actually work,” said Kevin Miller. “That’s the secret hidden in plain sight – follow the guidelines and work within the frameworks that we know are effective.”

Many brands will still attempt to take shortcuts and trick Google for better SEO results, but these efforts are less likely to work every year.

Up on the Trends

While the Google search algorithm isn’t making as many drastic changes as frequently as it once did, there are still many trends to track and react to if brands wish to stay ahead on SEO.

Professionals like Miller are well-versed in deciphering messages and announcements from the top brass at Google – Miller once worked at the company himself, giving him the inside scoop on how things work.

But while it might be one thing to read an announcement from Google about an algorithm update, it’s a whole other skill set to adjust and implement strategic changes.

“You need to see three steps ahead and consider what the ripple effect is going to be for these new policies and rules, even with a minor update,” said Miller. “In addition, we look at updates from other key players like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter that might impact the marketing ecosystem. It’s all a delicate balance.”

For instance, the announcement of iOS 14 came with changes to how much personal information applications could access via the iPhone, putting the emphasis on organic SEO once again.

Seizing Opportunities

Here’s one secret to SEO that Miller is willing to share with the world: it’s not a passive process.

The best SEO strategists don’t just wait for traffic to find them or for a product to take off with basic ads and content creation. They are in constant pursuit of better content, broader networks, more reach, and more brand recognition.

Furthermore, smart SEO is all about making the most of every opportunity, whether that’s a piece of cornerstone content, an influencer marketing campaign, or a mention in a major publication that becomes an overnight sensation.

“People sometimes confuse organic SEO with passive or inactive SEO, but quite the opposite is true,” said Miller. “It may take time to see the effects of our work in search engines and so forth, but it’s always the result of clear and intentional efforts.”

When a brand is first gaining traction on social media and in sales, that’s when organic SEO matters most, establishing a foundation and building trust with audiences.

Miller is also a big proponent of on-page optimization practices which boost webpage performance and allow Google to recognize key elements for search engine results. This is the technical side of SEO that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Quality Always Wins

Nearly every marketer can agree that quality ads, messaging, and communication are all key to successful campaigns, but Miller takes things to the next level by advocating for quality written content as a smart SEO strategy.

There is plenty of evidence to support the effectiveness of quality, long-form content compared to the short and “fluffy” blog articles that once ruled the world of SEO.

“When people conduct searches, Google’s mission is to get them the best possible answer based on keywords, intent, and other factors,” Miller explained. “A 2000-word how-to guide is way more likely to be recommended than a short FAQ or something like this.”

To create quality content for clients, Miller has brought together a team of talented strategists and writers at GR0, his Los Angeles-based SEO agency.

Together, these professionals create a distinctive brand voice, write exhaustively researched content, and fine-tune the pieces until they are a perfect fit for the brand’s website.

The process can be long and challenging, but the outcomes are optimal for SEO results.

“Certain pieces of content are single-handedly responsible for massive spikes in traffic and sales, just because we tapped into the right topic at the right time,” said Miller. “The articles are well written and offer real value to readers, which is so vital to SEO success.”

With analytics, smart tactics, and a wealth of experience to draw from, content strategy is no longer a roll of the dice.

A One-Stop Shop

Offering quality written content, performance PR services, and on-page optimization, GR0 is doing everything a true organic SEO agency should. Miller, the Co-Founder and CEO of the company, will continue to make waves in the industry and always be ahead of the next trend.