Barry Oberholzer and JETT Taking Off


In the age of Instagram and cryptocurrency, there is a new crypto project that is gaining some attention.

The world’s first crypto-only aviation firm, JETT manages to connect the exciting and growing worlds of cryptocurrency and aviation.

Founded by Barry Oberholzer, a former intelligence operative, and aviation industry veteran, the JETT team comprises industry leaders with a combined 50 years of high-level experience in the fintech and aviation industries.

The easy-to-use JETT platform provides safe, cost-effective, fast, and practical solutions for aircraft trading and chartering. Everything is done via crypto and all transactions are conducted with a third-party Escrow provider ensuring safety and anonymity at all times.

Barry Oberholzer aviation expert spoke of JETT at its launch in Miami, Florida recently ahead of the Bitcoin 2021 Conference hosted in the city,

“JETT is leading the way in connecting holders of cryptocurrencies to private air travel and aircraft ownership, while incorporating the full tax benefits of the purchase and leasing of assets”

“Technology is constantly evolving, and so is consumer demand for speed and efficient service. By connecting crypto holders with aviation assets, our exclusive platform provides attractive opportunities and allows us to deliver a boutique service to our clients”

Tax Efficient

A big draw to the JETT project is its tax efficiency. JETT enables people to take advantage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which included changes incentivized buying a private jet and helicopter more than ever before The tax code allows 100 percent bonus depreciation for the purchase of an aircraft, meaning the full 100% cost of either a new or used aircraft can be written off in the first year for business use.

Barry Oberholzer and the JETT team provide a turn-key solution to help mitigate any tax exposure and enable users to take advantage of private aircraft ownership to maximize revenue.

Diverse Portfolio

JETT has built a game-changer of a platform that enables the diversification of an individual’s portfolio.

It is backed by an experienced tactical financial crypto team actively creating transaction opportunities and helping to build a profitable portfolio. The transactions are structured so that users enjoy the largest tax benefits through the effective use of capital gains tax law. Meanwhile, contractor relationships are cultivated aviation assets closely managed to ensure there is the best care provided and the best possible peace of mind ensured.

With its luxury corporate 24/7 concierge program and its warm embrace of the crypto world, expect to see a lot more of JETT and not just on Instagram.




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