Apple developing thinner display tech at secret Taiwanese lab


Apple’s current products use screens made by third-parties, such as Sharp, Japan Display, and Samsung. But of course, Apple loves to control its entire hardware and software ecosystem, so it’s perhaps no surprise that the company may be working on its own unique display technology.

The news comes from Bloomberg (via 9to5Mac), which claims that Apple has acquired a top secret lab in Taiwan where the technology is being researched with more than 50 engineers on the project. The ultimate aim of course is to have thinner, brighter and lighter screens for products like the iPhone.

However there have already been rumours in the last month that Apple will move away from LCD screens in the iPhone to use OLED by 2017 or 2018, so it’s possible that the lab is working on OLED technology. However, AppleInsider reports that that the display tech Apple is actually working on is what’s known as IMOD, or Interferometric Modulator Display, a technology that was acquired by Qualcomm from a company founded by electrical engineer Mark Miles called Iridigm (which Qualcomm bought in 2004 for $170 million). IMOD is said to be much brighter than current display technologies, especially outdoors.

SOURCE: Bloomberg (via 9to5Mac).

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